What Exactly to Look for in a Used Car Before Purchasing It

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Car Dealers & Leasing

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You’ve checked your credit score and have gotten approval for an auto loan. You’ve located a used car lot that has several attractive vehicles. Your neighbor is a car mechanic, and he’s agreed to help you check the car. Now that you’re ready to purchase a vehicle, what exactly should you look for in used cars in Tulsa?

The Body for rust and other colors of paint. The quarter panels should be the same shape and color. Open the doors, hood, and trunk to see if the colors match. If they don’t, something was repaired and repainted. Open everything to see that the latches work and also close tightly. The Tires Use a penny to check tread on tires of used cars in Tulsa. Place the head of the penny with Lincoln’s bust toward you and insert the penny into the tread. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, then the tires have no tread. If Lincoln’s head is covered to any extent, then there’s enough tread on the tires.

Beneath the Hood Carry a paper towel with you. Take out the oil dipstick and check to see that it is stained with oil. You don’t want to test drive a car with no oil in it because the engine will be harmed. Next, take out the transmission fluid dipstick as the car is running. The fluid should reach the marker on the stick. If the oil dipstick shows golden fluid, then the oil is fresh.

If it’s black, ask the dealer to change the oil because it’s old and won’t protect the engine. Tug the belts. If they’re not tight, ask the dealer to change them. Check the hoses for cracks or holes. If these signs are visible, then it means the hoses are old and could cause mechanical troubles. Open the radiator cap. If the fluid is green or orange, then your radiator is good. If the fluid is clear, have the dealer put in anti-freeze.

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