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What Does Water Damage Restoration in Waldorf Entail?

Floods, whether they occur due to storms or man-made disasters such as broken pipes, can be disastrous for homeowners. The key to mitigating damage is immediate action. If standing water is allowed to remain in the home, it can lead to additional structural damage and the development of dangerous mold and mildew problems. Homeowners who have recently experienced flooding, particularly those whose homes still contain areas with standing water, should contact a specialist in Water Damage Restoration in Waldorf as soon as possible after ensuring residents’ safety.

The first step a restoration company will take is to send out an experienced technician to provide an initial assessment of the damages. The extent of damages, general safety conditions on the premises, and the source of the water will have to be evaluated to determine how to move forward. If the damage is extensive, or if the water is contaminated, it is recommended that occupants move out for the duration of the restoration process.

After an initial assessment has been performed, technicians will remove any standing water, typically by using a sump pump and industrial-strength wet or dry vacuum cleaners. Only once all standing water is removed can drying and dehumidification takes place and damages be repaired. The use of professional-quality dehumidifiers helps to prevent further damage such as the warping or swelling of walls, floors, or furniture.

Once all of the excess moisture has been removed, restoration technicians can begin the process of providing the home with a thorough cleaning and making any necessary repairs. Often carpets must be replaced, furniture repaired, and lingering smoke odors removed via a process known as deodorization. Equipment such as foggers and air scrubbers can be used to remove even persistent odors. Particularly in circumstances where the water has been shown to be contaminated, technicians will also sanitize and disinfect the property using antibacterial or antimicrobial treatments.

Have standing water in the basement or elsewhere in the home and not sure what to do? ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services provides 24-hour emergency services for Water Damage Restoration in Waldorf that can help their clients get on the right track toward a fully-restored home. Call today.

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