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What Does the Department of Veterans Affairs Do?

If you are a veteran, you are probably familiar with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Even though you may interact with it from time to time, you probably don’t know everything about it. The same goes for civilians who have never been in the military, but have veteran relatives. Knowing what the agency does and doesn’t is important for veterans and their families. The VA can be a great resource if you know how it can help. Learn more about the VA and how it serves the veterans of our country.

A Brief History

The history of the Va Department of Veterans Affairs dates to the American Revolution. Back then, a more informal version of the agency helped people who served in the military. The actual department as it exists today, came into being in 1930. Since its modern inception, the VA has managed hospitals, clinics and cemeteries for exclusive use by veterans. The person who manages the agency is known as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. This position is part of the President’s cabinet. In order to be chosen as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, one must be recommended by the sitting president and confirmed by the Senate.

What It Does

As you may know, the main job of this government agency is to provide services to veterans after they serve in the military. Some of the issues the agency may deal with include fighting homelessness among veterans. The agency also oversees a large healthcare, disability and pension system for veterans. Services related to rehabilitation and vocational training are also available.

In some cases, the VA works with other agencies to provide certain services. For example, it regularly interacts with the Department of Labor to create job opportunities for veterans. The Department Of Veterans Affairs may also work with a special agency, such as the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. This is done when the VA is working on a specific problem that affects veterans.

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