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What Do Civil Engineers in Austin Work On?

Becoming a civil engineer takes time and dedication. It requires a bachelor’s degree although about 20% of them continue on to a master’s degree. Even after obtaining all this education, a person must also become licensed. The reason for this is the important work that they do. Everywhere you look you will see something that was built in part because of a civil engineer.

Approximately 30% of all civil engineers work for government, including city, state and federal offices. In these positions, civil engineers work on public projects such as roads, dams, bridges and tunnels. Federal engineers may also serve as inspectors for non-government projects. The other 70% of civil engineers work in firms. These firms work with clients that are building everything from malls to hospitals.

One of the first things a civil engineer is called to do is a feasibility study. A developer wants to know exactly what can and cannot be done with a property before they put in too much money. They will first put a property under contract and have a due diligence period in which they can cancel the contract if the property proves to have any problems. Part of this process is finding out if there will be any snags to getting the necessary permits to improve the property to the use desired. The reason this is so critical is that the value placed upon a property is determined by how it will be developed and if that use suddenly falls through, the property’s value is not the same. It is Construction Engineering Austin developers would hire to make sure everything will proceed as planned. With knowledge in hand then they can proceed, renegotiate the terms of the contract, or cancel the contract.

Although much is done way before ground is broken on a project, Civil Engineers Austin developers continue to work with will be a part of making sure the project stays on plan. They will continue to work with local government development offices to be sure everything is keeping in line with permitting. Each phase of construction has its inspections.

So, the answer to the question about what civil engineers work on is all that is developed commercially – from the infrastructure right on up to the very top floor of a high-rise office building.

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