What Circumstances Can Lead to Medical Malpractice Cases in Phoenix, AZ? Nov22


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What Circumstances Can Lead to Medical Malpractice Cases in Phoenix, AZ?

Doctors must provide the highest standard of healthcare for their patients possible, and clinicians cannot withhold medical services based on their personal beliefs. If doctors fail their patients, they could be held liable for worsened conditions, disease progression, and possibly the person’s death. You can learn more about legal claims against a doctor by consulting with medical malpractice attorneys near me Phoenix AZ.

A Failure to Treat the Patient

Withholding medical services could lead to a negligence case against a doctor. For example, suppose a patient visited their doctor with abdominal pain, and the doctor refused treatment. If the patient’s condition worsens or becomes life-threatening, they may have a case against their doctor.

Medical Product Liability

A doctor faces medical product liabilities if they install a faulty medical device into a patient’s body if the doctor knows it is dangerous. At the first sign of medical risks, you need a second opinion. Once you know that a surgeon installed a perilous medical device into your body, speak to medical malpractice attorneys near me Phoenix AZ.

Delayed or Misdiagnosis

Doctors must use the most current testing equipment and services to diagnose patients. Delaying or misdiagnosing a patient leads to medical malpractice if your medical condition worsens because of this failure. In these cases, patient records must show that the doctor refused to use updated testing or refused care.

Proving a doctor is negligent requires comprehensive medical records, witnesses, and calculations for all monetary losses. An attorney could help you build a solid case against your doctor after an injury or medical error. By understanding medical malpractice laws, you know where to start and how to hold your doctor accountable.

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