What Are The Two Types Of Criminal Attorneys?

It is not everyday that you come across an incident of crime among your friends or relatives. Criminal cases usually involve a convict who is under suspicion of committing the crime, and is submitted to court for trial. When a person is accused of homicide or murder, he stands a chance of being punished with life sentence, or a death penalty. What extent of punishment a convict receives, is finally decided by the actions of the criminal lawyers handling the case.

Criminal lawyers are of two types. Broadly, specializing in criminal justice laws, these attorneys represent either the court or the convict. Here is a brief look into the type of working of both these types of criminal justice lawyers.

Criminal Prosecution Attorney

These represent the court and the prosecution bench. When a case isĀ  filed, the police takes a complete look at the case and finds suitable evidence to back their charges on possible suspects. When the case develops and a particular person is arrested as the main suspect, the police hands over the case to the criminal prosecution attorney. The job of the attorney here on is to support the police story, which has to be backed by witnesses and evidences.

The attorney will look to develop the case against the convict. For this he will gather the evidence supporting the charges. In addition, he will work on the arguments that will convict the accused of these charges. In short, the prosecution lawyer actually works on behalf of the victim’s family, and the court.

Criminal Defense Attorney

The only way a suspect or accused can escape the charges leveled at him by the court in a criminal trial, is through the services of a criminal defense attorney. The defense lawyer plays the important role of negating the chances of his client getting convicted of the crime. In serious cases of homicide and third degree murders, often the wrong individual is charged of the murder. This can expose an innocent man to the risk of losing his life, as the punishment for a murder is death penalty.

A criminal defense lawyer can actually reduce the intensity of punishment using his arguments and logical presentation of the case in court. Therefore, if you happen to be stuck in a case where in criminal charges have been leveled against you or a dear one, the always go for the services of experienced defense lawyers. They can actually turn the course of events with their expert handling of the case.

For residents of Boulder, criminal attorney services may not be that hard to find as there are many firms which offer legal services. All you need to do hire the services of those lawyers who have earned enough respect and recognition during their past cases.

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