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What Are The Requirements For Motorcycle Insurance In Wichita, KS

Motorcycle riders in Kansas are required to maintain insurance coverage to fulfill their financial responsibility. The choices in Kansas include opting to become self-insured or purchasing liability insurance. Regardless of their choice, the motorcycle owner must carry proof of their policy or certificate for self-insurance at all times.
What are the Insurance Requirements?

The requirements for Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS equates to $25,000 for each individual injured. The maximum coverage level for the entire accident is $50,000. The property damage coverage must equate to a minimum of $10,000. Motorcycle owners aren’t required to purchase personal injury protection insurance. All motorcycle owners who choose to opt out of the additional coverage must provide a reason.
What Affects Insurance Premiums?

The motorcycle owner’s driving record affects their premiums for Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS. Any moving violations or accidents on their record will increase the premiums paid. Motorcycle riders who don’t travel great distances, however, could see reduced rates.

Primarily, the risk associated with operating it helps the insurer calculate the monthly premiums. A risk assessment identifies these risks. First, the insurer evaluates the distance in which the owner travels. If the motorcycle isn’t used often, the premiums may reflect the lowest rates possible. However, if the motorcycle is used daily, the insurer must review the areas in which they travel as well as the distance.

How Old is the Owner?
In the state of Kansas, anyone who is at least fourteen years of age may acquire a motorcycle license. This increases the risk in terms of insuring it. The age of the motorcycle rider will affect the premiums paid. Typically, automobile drivers who are under the age of twenty-five present the greatest risk. Since all drivers or riders under the age of eighteen cannot purchase their own insurance, a parent must add them to their policy.

Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS has several requirements. While the age to acquire a license to ride is reduced for motorcycles, the risks are greater. For this reason, motorcycle owners should explore all probable risks when purchasing insurance. To learn more about these requirements, contact Andy Woodward Insurance Agency for further information.

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