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What are the major advantages of the PT fuel system?

The operation of the PT fuel system is based on the principle that the volume of the flow of liquid is proportional to the pressure of the fluid. In comparison to other fuel systems, this system has certain advantages, which are mentioned below.

1. In the PT fuel system, oil quantity is adjusted in the PT pump, whereas, in the piston pump system, oil quantity, high diesel pressure and timed injection adjustments are carried out. When the pump is installed in the PT fuel system, no time injection adjustment is made.
2. The pump operates at lower pressure. As there is no high-pressure fuel line, you can eliminate pressure fluctuations and failures in the plunger’s high-pressure system. Hence, it can obtain high injection pressures, improving spray quality and speed.
3. In the PT fuel system, a PT injector is used to fuel the system. Here, diesel accounts for only 20%, and the majority of the diesel oil is recirculated by the PT injector.
4. As the PT pump oil supply is adjusted by oil pressure, this amount can be compensated by minimising the bypass oil amount. This is why the oil supply in the pump remains the same, which again reduces timely maintenance.
5. PT pump is used in the fuel system to complete the fuel supply of all the PT injectors. The best part of this system is that the PT injectors can be replaced separately without adjusting the oil supply.
6. The PT fuel system is a simple structure with a piping arrangement. The whole system has one precision coupler, which is much smaller than the piston pump fuel system.

These are a few major perks of using a pressure-time system. To know more about its components and functionalities, reach out to an expert.

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