What Are The Benefits of Frozen Yogurt?

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Shopping

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Frozen yogurt is a dessert which has yogurt as well as several other dairy products. It is not like an ice cream but can be compared to a tart. The tart is also low in fat since milk is used for making it instead of using cream. The dessert is different from ice milk, which is either called low-fat or light ice cream and is not made using yogurt.

Yogurt is a popular dessert which is made by people all around the world. It is an excellent source of calcium and its health benefits make it a popular health food. Besides being a great source of calcium, studies show that it helps in digesting milk protein as well as reducing gastro-intestinal infections. Though the name does not imply any health benefits, the dessert should be a part of every persons balanced diet. If you crave to have an ice cream or a frozen treat, select this dessert since it can offer so many benefits to your health.

We can say from results of a research conducted by The US Food and Drug Administation that ice cream has up to 10% of milkfat, and amount of fat is higher in premium ice creams. In comparison, frozen yogurt has only up to 4% fat, if it is made of whole milk and fat free if it is made of skim milk. This makes it a better choice than an ice cream or any other frozen treat as it is also rich in carbohydrates coming from lactose in milk.

Once you know the benefits of frozen yogurt, NYC is a good place to locate a company that sells the frozen dessert . When you look to buy it from a company, select one which allows its customers to have their favorite dessert as they want. They have different flavors which are certified to delight the taste buds of people. What more do you require from a dessert which not only fulfills your requirement for cold a treat but also benefits your health. With a dessert rich in goodness of calcium, probiotic and protein, you can seriously take good care of your body. When you select a company, ensure it gives you chance of selecting various toppings for your dessert. You can select berries as well as decadent sauces to create a dessert which you can call your piece of art. In addition to delighting taste buds, reputed companies also ensure using cornstarch spoons as well as biodegradable cups for saving the planet.

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