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What Are The Benefits Of Alkaline Water?

Water ionizers are used to make alkaline water. The machine consists of a pre-filter and a pair of platinum coated electrodes, which carry a low electric current. As the water travels through the ionizer, the electrodes separate the water into two streams, one of which is acidic the second one being alkaline. Acidic water has a pH lower than 7.0, which is considered neutral, alkaline water has a pH in excess of 7.0. The benefits of alkaline water are many.

The benefits of ionized water:

      • To begin with, alkaline water molecules are in a smaller cluster than the molecule cluster found in normal tap water. As a result of this small size, the water can enter human cell membranes faster and more efficiently than normal water molecules.

This property is called “wetting.” Not only is the molecule cluster small in alkaline       water, the shape is even different. The molecule cluster of ionized water takes on the shape of a hexagon whereas normal water molecules are formed like a chain. One of the most important benefits of alkaline water is that it represents a refreshing source of hydration considerably higher than tap water.

  • When a person has been engaged in strenuous exercise, alkaline water helps in the recovery process by dramatically shortening the time. Alkaline water helps the human body to have a higher aerobic capacity; it also is good for the heart and aids in the reduction of blood pressure. An athlete or anyone who engages in strenuous activity will find that not only does he recover quicker; he has a higher rate of endurance.
  • An extremely important benefit found from drinking alkaline water is the added amount of energy that can be stored within the body. Once ordinary water is subjected to ionization, the minerals in the water become aligned due to their charge; the water becomes rich in all the important minerals, calcium, potassium; sodium and magnesium are all much easier for the body to absorb.

Alkaline water is believed to be beneficial in the prevention of cancer by eliminating the cancerous cells from the body. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of any unwanted cells in the body; this growth is often beyond the capacity of the body to control it and when this occurs the cells can turn malignant. Malignant cells then attack the surrounding cells and the cancer spreads.  The elimination of cancerous cells is to introduce oxygen to their environment. It is known that cancer thrives in anaerobic conditions. If oxygen is introduced, the activity of the cancerous cells will be reduced, leading to their depletion. Alkaline water makes oxygen available at these sites which; it is believed, will kill the cells.

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