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What Are Misting Systems and Why Are They So Important?

Have you ever sat out on your patio right after it rained and noticed how much cooler things were? You probably felt the cooling effect of the water evaporating all around you. This effect can be greatly enhanced with misting systems. In fact, these systems can provide many benefits and here is important information about misting or fogging systems, and some reasons you may want to consider one.

What are Misting Systems?

A misting system utilizes water sprayed in a fine mist. The mist is usually applied around the outer perimeter of a specific area. Large outdoor areas are perfect for misting systems, as they cannot be cooled with conventional air conditioning systems.

Some systems are simple and easily attach to a garden hose. However, the most effective systems spray water in an extremely fine mist. This requires high water pressure and nozzles with very fine tips. These misting systems can have a huge effect on cooling capacity and effectiveness.

Benefits of Atomization

When water is atomized it is broken up into very tiny particles. This greatly enhances water’s ability to evaporate, and since the principle of refrigeration is all about evaporating gas and its cooling ability, this is one of the most efficient methods for cooling large outdoor spaces.

Atomization is also used in industry today. People working in environments with a lot of dust, may have problems with breathing and dust can create a safety hazard when vision is impaired. High powered misting systems can be very effective for dust suppression. Plus, since the water is sprayed in such a fine mist, people and equipment are not wetted down by the process.

Can I Buy a Misting System for My Home?

Misting technology is available for residential use. In fact, many people buy misting or fogging kits for their patios, and they are available at local home improvement stores. However, the best misting systems utilize pumps to create high pressure and this is one of the most effective methods for cooling and dust suppression. You can also buy an effective fogging system for your landscape water features.

You may purchase misting systems in kit form, and they are not difficult to install. However, if you want the most effective and efficient system, go with high quality. The best ones have strong and durable pumps and nozzles with stainless steel inserts. These systems will last long and provide you with years of trouble-free service. In fact, you can buy your system online to save money. This is the most convenient way to shop for your misting needs.

If you are interested in high quality misting systems, come to Fogco. We sell a wide variety of misting products systems and systems for home and industry. Check us out on the Web at Fogco.com for more details today.

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