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What are Forget-Me-Nots symbolic of?

Forget-Me-Nots are a popular inclusion in sympathy flower bouquets, but did you know they have a symbolic meaning? The humble flower with petals that look like mouse ears are gorgeous and aromatic. As the name would suggest, Forget-Me-Nots are a symbol of remembrance. For friends and family of the deceased, it’s a powerful message. The message conveyed is that loved ones will live on, even if it’s just in memories.

Different Forget-Me-Not Meanings

In addition to being a symbol of remembrance, Forget-Me-Not flowers are symbolic of true and undying love. To some, the flower means a connection that will last through time because it was created through loyalty and fidelity despite any challenges. The tiny blue flowers are also sent to people to show a growing affection for another person or to honor patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Why Forget-Me-Nots are Good Sympathy Flowers

It’s human nature, to avoid painful emotions and cause discomfort to people who are already experiencing a difficult situation. However, avoiding a painful topic isn’t always helpful to the family. Flower delivery in Miami FL allows arrangements to be delivered before or after a service, so that family and friends can read and enjoy the displays at their own pace.

Sending Forget-Me-Not flowers as a symbol of sympathy is a great way to open up further discussions such as sharing memories, talking about the loved one that has passed on, and reminding the family of the deceased how much that person was loved and will never be forgotten.

Sharing Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Another great way to make sure a deceased person’s memory will live on forever is to share and send Forget-Me-Not seeds using Flower delivery in Miami FL. Seeds are a great gift because it allows something to grow from the very beginning. As a seedling and a symbol of remembrance, Forget-Me-Nots are the perfect gift.

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