What a TBI Specialist in Atlanta, GA, Wants You to Know About TBIs Aug11


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What a TBI Specialist in Atlanta, GA, Wants You to Know About TBIs

Even in the instance of a concussion, it is advised that you check in with a professional TBI specialist in Atlanta, GA, as soon as possible after sustaining any damage that alters how your brain functions. People may appear “normal,” but it may be difficult to spot the signs of a concussion or mild brain damage even when they are present. As a result, it is strongly suggested that a medical professional be consulted to confirm that the injury is not a symptom of a more serious ailment.

What Causes a TBI?

A TBI neurologist states that what causes traumatic brain injuries is an external force on the head. The following are some examples of external forces: the head being struck or striking an object, something penetrating the brain; the force created by events such as a blast or any kind of explosion; and other undefined forces.

Are Concussions the Same as a Mild TBI?

Yes. A TBI specialist in Atlanta, GA, frequently refers to a concussion as a “mild traumatic brain injury” (CTBI). Both phrases describe the phenomenon in which a person suffers a shift in normal brain function following a traumatic event lasting no more than one minute.
In most cases, concussions do not threaten the patient’s life but can have catastrophic consequences. Concussion effects can range from being quite harmless to extremely harmful.

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