Weight Loss Assistance With Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso Jun05


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Weight Loss Assistance With Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso

Some individuals with weight issues can easily shed unwanted pounds by simply reducing fat and calorie intake and increasing physical activity; however, weight loss requires a great deal more effort for most people. For some, even drastic changes in diet and exercise habits have little or no effect on their weight.

Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso can be a helpful tool in the weight loss battle for those who are unable to lose weight with other common methods. Before surgery, the patient may be required to make some lifestyle changes including cessation of tobacco or alcohol use, eliminating certain medications, implementing a routine exercise program and taking part in a healthier diet.

General anesthesia is given to patients who undergo this procedure, rendering them unconscious during the surgery. The type of gastric bypass a patient requires is based on the needs of the patient and current level of health. Though most bariatric surgeries are now performed laparoscopically, with a tiny camera inserted into a small incision, some clinics continue to use traditional larger incisions.

In one type of gastric bypass surgery, a walnut-sized portion of the stomach is sealed off from the rest and a mid-section of the small intestine is sewn directly to the separated portion of the stomach. This allows the patient to achieve weight loss by limiting the amount of food he can eat to about one ounce per sitting and by reducing the amount of nutrients absorbed by the intestines.

Gastric banding is another commonly used procedure. In this type of surgery, an inflatable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. When inflated, the band reduces the size of the stomach as well as the amount of food the patient can consume. The band may need to be adjusted from time to time, and patients typically see less weight loss than with gastric bypass surgery.

As with all surgeries, these come with health risks and recovery periods. They are generally only used as a last resort when all other weight loss methods have failed. In some extreme cases, when the patient’s health is severely diminished by his current obesity, surgery may be used for rapid weight loss and improved health.

A doctor, such as those with Memorial Weight Loss Center, should be consulted to determine if bariatric surgery is appropriate. All potential health risks should be weighed before making the decision to take such drastic weight loss measures.

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