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Wedding Table Decorating With Gold Chargers

One of the most popular accent colors at a wedding is gold, which is fitting as gold has traditionally been the choice of wedding bands. Gold is also a wonderful accent color with white, cream, red, royal blue, purple, black and green, also very popular primary and secondary wedding color.

For table decorations, adding gold chargers to a white place setting and white tablecloth creates a stunningly beautiful and elegant look. It is sophisticated, particularly if you choose to have candles at the table where the gold under the dinner plate provides just a hint of reflected light.

What is a Charger?

You have probably seen a charger used, although you may not have recognized the term. This is a base for the dinner plate that is slightly larger in diameter than the plate itself. It forms a border for the dinner plate while also adding a frame of color.

Chargers are actually a very old tradition, but they are very popular for all wedding themes and styles. While gold chargers are always a good choice, there are other colors to consider as well. Gold suggests luxury and opulence as well as being a great complementary color for a wedding.

How to Complete a Place Setting With a Charger

It is important to understand that the gold chargers are decorative and are not meant to be used to serve food. This is important as they are finished differently than china or dinner plates.

To complete a place setting using a charger simply place the charger under the dinner plate. If you are having the meal served, the charger can be on the table, and the server will simply place the dinner plate onto the charger. In this situation, the napkin can be displayed on the charger, which creates a very nice look on the table.

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