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It has been said that selling a house is as, or even more, stressful than the passing of a loved one. The situation can be worse if you have to sell your house because of financial hardship or some other unexpected upheaval in your life. Certainly, the pressure is on, but there are solutions. This is not the time to make rash decisions. Your house is an asset. It may be worth enough to get you out of the financial or social bind you find yourself in. You should know and understand what your options are. Your immediate objective is making a decision that best aligns with your current situation and your goals.

You can take many approaches when you want to sell your house, two of which are:

• You can list your house with a top performing realtor in your area, or
• You can compare offers from groups that say “we buy houses fast in New Orleans

List Your House with a Realtor

Listing your house with a realtor is a good solution if you have time. It can take many months for your realtor to show the house to prospective buyers before you get an offer. Even after you have received an offer that you agree with, there are still several hurdles that must be overcome. Just because someone wants to buy your house, does not mean they have the financial resources to do so. They may not be able to arrange a mortgage. If this happens, and it does, you will be faced with starting from scratch.

Work with a Company That Offers Cash and an Instant Sal

When you have to sell, and you would prefer not to stage the house for showings or do any maintenance on the house, consider working with instant home buyers. These are individuals or groups that purchase homes. Some are investors that buy homes and hold them until the market improves. Others buy homes, fix them up, and resell them for a profit. The transactions are fast, you are not faced with any closing fees, and you get your cash, usually within a week. For more information contact Spouses Who Buy Houses or visit us

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