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Ways to Prepare Homecooked Meals With Diet Soda in Pennsylvania

Diet soda is a refreshing drink, but the use of the flavors and fizz will expand when the drink is used in cooking. Thanks to the zero calories found in diet soda drinks, the addition of soda will only increase flavors without a major impact on the nutrition.

Read more about cooking with soda the next time you order diet coke in Pennsylvania.

Marinate Meat

Fill a baking dish with a preferred diet soda and let the meat soak up the drink. Chicken breast is an ideal option, but the soda also soaks up well in pork chops or various forms of sausage. When baking meats, use diet soda as a way to baste the meats. Pour soda over the meats as they cook, following a traditional basting method commonly used for turkeys and chicken.

Diet Soda Cupcakes

Add some richness to any type of cupcake batter with a can of diet soda or diet cherry soda. Use the soda as a replacement for any water in a cupcake recipe. The flavors will blend and bake right into the cupcakes. Mix a couple of tablespoons into a frosting mix to add an extra boost of flavor to the final dessert.

Baked Beans

Take a favorite type of baked beans and add some sweetness to the pot with a whole can of diet soda. As the bean marinate, the flavors will infuse with the juices to create a unique flavor palette. Additional ingredients like bacon or onions will blend well with the beans.

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