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Water Treatment in Topeka KS, Includes the Removal of Manganese

In order to ensure that your water is pure and fresh, you need to have a chemical analysis made of the water. When you know what ingredients are in your water supply, you can better decide on a treatment system. Today, harmful ingredients, such as rust, manganese, chlorine, tannin, arsenic and nitrates can be treated and removed.

Why Manganese is Harmful

Manganese is a mineral that regularly occurs in the soil and rocks. When it is found in the water supply, it produces stains on clothing and other items. The stains are formed through oxidation. As a result, manganese may be consumed through the diet or from the drinking water supply. High exposure to the substance is associated with nervous system degeneration. That is why specialists who offer water treatment in Topeka KS, make sure to eliminate this type of ingredient from a water supply.

However, the water treatment process is not always easy. Because manganese oxidizes at a slower rate than iron, it is usually more difficult to eliminate. Also, studies reveal that young children absorb more manganese than other age groups. Therefore, any water containing the substance needs to be treated immediately.

Types of Treatment Processes

If you have iron and/or manganese in your water supply, generally one of three water treatment process methods can be used for getting rid of the contaminants. One treatment process involves using an ion exchange water softener while another process entails oxidation and filtration. Sequestration may also be used in some instances.

To review your options you need to consult with a specialized water treatment services company, such as Lindyspring Systems. Professionals in the field are well-versed in treating water systems and eliminating harmful compounds or ingredients. Some ingredients are not healthy for people to consume. Therefore, make sure your water is safe for you and your family.

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