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Water Damage is as Dangerous as Fire

Many Arizona residents are familiar with the kind of damage that can result from a fire, but do not think about what kind of damage might be caused by the water used to put the fire out. There are times when the water damage in Gilbert, AZ may be more extensive and costly than any destruction caused by the fire. But for residents recovering from a fire, no matter how big or small, taking care of the water damage in Gilbert, AZ is just as important as repairing or restoring any loss caused by a fire. If not cleaned up as soon as possible, standing water or water that penetrates into the under surfaces of carpeting of floors, or gets into the ceiling or walls, can warp and crack structures, breed disease, and cause harmful and unhealthy molds and mildew to proliferate.

Water can begin to damage the structure of your property extremely rapidly. Within an hour or so, it can infiltrate your drywall and travel up into your attic insulation. It can permeate your furniture and slosh or drop into carpeting, combining chemicals from wood finish with the solvent of water to produce stains. Furniture itself can begin to turn other colors, or warp or even crack. Usually, artwork, prints, photographs, magazines, and books are totally ruined and beyond repair, as are many electronic items.

Within a day, water damage in a Gilbert, AZ home left unattended, whether caused by firefighters putting out a fire or by any kind of flooding, can begin to cause further deterioration to furniture, including splitting. A stale odor caused by bacteria will begin to become dominant as fresh water turns to gray water. Surfaces made of metal start to taint and become discolored. Pressed wood begins to fall apart.

After 24 hours, the next several days will see the growth of microbial agents and an extremely musty odor (not to be confused with the stale odor caused by the thriving bacteria). Drywall will begin to disentangle on the molecular level and fall apart. Toxic mold may begin to make an appearance, and the gray water will begin to turn black. Wood finishes change colors; some wood completely disintegrates. After a week, not much is salvageable, and the edifice itself may be labeled as a health hazard.

Given the foregoing, it quickly becomes obvious that the first 24 hours after flooding occurs is a critical period. Water removal and drying by professionals can be accomplished in about the same amount of time that it takes everything to become a public hazard. Carpets, floors, furniture, and other possessions can also be dried and restored by water damage specialists in Gilbert, AZ.

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