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War Documentaries: Keeping the Truth Alive

According to a recent write-up in the New York Times, only 268 years out of the last 3,400 have been completely peaceful ones here on Earth; the rest have been plagued by conflict. At the same time, the world’s combined armed forces currently amount to more than 21 million souls. In spite of those figures, most people can’t even begin to imagine the full extent and impact of war. Those who’ve been there share their stories with others, but personal accounts can only go so far.

Documenting the Details

War Documentaries serve to bridge the gap in numerous ways. Though some shy away from such candid, up-close recounts of conflict, many are drawn to their true-to-life nature. These types of shows have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years, and they hold considerable value for a number of reasons.

  • More Vivid Than Books:
  • Youngsters need to understand their history, but many find schoolbook retellings to be tedious and boring. War documentaries bring the stories to life, generating greater interest among members of rising generations.
  • More Accurate Than Movies:
  • Certain war movies are based on true stories, but they tend to veer from the truth at every turn. Their purpose is to entertain rather than paint an accurate picture. Documentaries hold to the facts more so than what might sell at the box office.
  • Keeping the Memories Alive:
  • War stories may get passed down through generations, but they may be stretched and twisted over the years. Eventually very little truth remains. Documentaries help pass along fact instead of misunderstandings, so the memories live on rather than the myths.
  • Honoring the Fallen:
  • Not everyone has a personal story to tell, and visiting memorial sites is only an option for a select few people. War Documentaries are more readily accessible and reach far more people.

War isn’t pleasant and isn’t designed for public entertainment. In truth, some of its resulting memories are best left forgotten. It’s bigger picture and the impact it has on not only those involved but the entire world should be honored and remembered, though. Documentaries help keep the truth alive and bring it to a broader audience than some of the alternatives.

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