How Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage Impacts Men In DuPage

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Law

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Kane County child support attorneys use quite a lot of documentation to ensure that they understand the parentage of a child. The voluntary acknowledgment of parentage is one such document, and it may be used to establish a relationship between a parent and a child. This document is needed in many cases, and its usefulness becomes obvious in daily life and family law cases that are brought before the court by Kane County child support attorneys.

What Does the Document Entail?

The voluntary acknowledgment of parentage is required when the father is not married to the mother of a newborn child. No parentage is assumed if the mother is not married, and the father must step forward to sign this document. It requires contact and legal information on the father that includes a valid ID, and it will be used as a legally-binding document that makes this man the father of the child.

How is the Document Used?

Any man who signs this document is required to offer child support to the child and their mother, arrange for insurance coverage for the child, and to possibly make a visitation request. Men who wish to volunteer this information are putting on the record that they will follow all applicable laws regarding the care of children and infants.

Sign It in the Presence of an Attorney

Kane County child support attorneys would prefer any man sign this document in their presence so that they may be advised properly. Signing this document ties a man to the child for many years, and the document must be taken seriously, as it has many implications for a new father.

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