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Visiting Optical Stores in NYC To Pick Out Designer Frames

When someone is in need of corrective lenses, they may decide to pick out designer frames to enhance their looks. Going to one of the Optical Stores in NYC to pick out frames is a great way to obtain the finest of frames available. When picking out frames, knowing what type of style is suitable is best. This is determined by the face shape of the person.

First, the person should take a look at a picture of themselves looking straight ahead. They can trace the shape of their head onto a piece of tracing paper if necessary to see what shape it looks like most.

Round faces will look best with frames that are rectangular in shape. These will help make the face appear longer as a result. Often people with a circular face shape will have eyes that look close together. To make them appear further apart, the person can select frames that have a nose piece in a different color from the rest of the frame.

People with thin faces will fare well with glasses frames that are round as it will bring the focus toward the eye area of the face. Taller frames would help make the face appear less elongated. Frames with embellishments at the temples will also help make the face appear balanced. Rectangular faces will look great in a pair of cat eye frames. These will draw the eyes to the temple area.

Square shaped faces will look best with thin glasses frames with rounded corners. These will help make the face appear rounder overall. Both rectangular and oval shaped frames will work well for this face shape.

If someone has a heart shaped face, they will want to draw the eyes away from a pointed chin. Glasses frames with decorative tops or styles with rimless bottom portions will draw the eyes upward.

The best way to find a pair of frames to suit a face shape is with the help of the workers at one of the Optical Stores in NYC. They are seasoned in which frames suit a person’s appearance, so they look great when wearing glasses. Check out a variety of great designer frames at Business Name.

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