Vinyl Wall Coverings: The Perfect Compromise

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Home And Garden

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Wall coverings provide many options for pattern and material. Each material has different advantages: Some are easier to remove, some have better visual and tactile textures. Vinyl wall coverings provide a good balance, and if properly installed, they can be removed easily, meaning that it’s not a lifetime investment, and can maintain a great variety of pattern and appearances. While Grasscloth wallpaper might have a stronger textured appearance, it is infamously difficult to remove, meaning that a decision to install it is for long term design. All wall coverings do come with an investment for the long term, so it’s important even with relatively easy-to-remove vinyl wall coverings, to make a decision you’re happy with and will stay happy with. For that, the Internet can be your friend as it provides a massive resource of information.

One of the best advantages of the Internet is how it helps people gain knowledge quickly over even obscure subjects and allows consumers to make more active and informed purchases. This means that when setting out to make design purchases, one can pre-scout and make a more informed decision about where to shop. With the Internet, you can start with a broad perspective and narrow down slowly to what you want. And being an informed consumer helps you price shop and know what you’re looking for if you go into a showroom. By starting with a wide net and making basic decisions based on images online, price quotes, and other specific information, you can save time on how many samples you end up with or how often you have to go to the showroom. Obviously, when making a design decision, it will be necessary to inspect the material in person to see how it looks in different lighting. Thankfully, many online sites will offer samples so that you can inspect how they will work with the rest of what you have in the room.

Vinyl wall coverings offer a nice compromise between the possibilities of wall covering to provide patterns and texture effects to a room, with a lower commitment to the design choice. Though not as easy to remove and replace as paint, vinyl wall coverings can be fairly easily removed. If you’re lucky, and it was installed correctly, you might be able to grab the corner and pull the entire sheet down in one piece, then it’s just a matter of cleaning the paste off the wall. After that, you can paint or put new paper in without having to pay a professional service to remove the wall covering for you.

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Vinyl Wall Coverings

Vinyl Wall Coverings

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