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Veterinary Hospital in Bridgeport Information

Many pet owners worry when their pets are not feeling well. Just like humans, pets have an emergency service they can use. If the owner is unsure if their situation is an emergency there are symptoms that the owner can look out for. When a pet starts to exhibit signs such as throwing up, diarrhea, bloating, seizures, collapse or paralysis it is imperative that the owner takes the pet to the animal hospital. If these signs do not fit the what the pet is experiencing, there are a few ways the owner can quickly decide if their pet needs immediate attention.

Pet Emergencies

If the pet is not experiencing the above signs or symptoms, there are ways to decide if the pet is needing emergency attention. The owner should check to see if the pet’s gums are pink and moist. If the gums are dry, white, blue or red it could indicate the pet is in some sort of distress like hemorrhage or shock. If the pet has been exposed to alcohol from beverages, perfume, mouthwash or even some fermented foods, they should be taken immediately. Another emergency includes insect stings. The reactions can be deadly and should be treated immediately if the pet experiences any signs of distress. If the pet has been coughing, it is a sign that there may be a buildup of secretions or a foreign object lodged in their throat. The pet should immediately be taken to the vet if they experience this.


Veterinary Hospital in Bridgeport combats many issues pets face. Parvo is a deadly virus that affects young and unvaccinated animals. Parvo is transmitted saliva, vomit, and pet waste. It damages the intestinal tract in animals, leaving the pet susceptible to secondary infections. If symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and food aversion occur, the pet should be taken to the vet immediately.

If an owner is unsure the symptoms their pet is experiencing is an emergency, they can always visit or call a Veterinary Hospital in Bridgeport. If they believe the pet will be okay until office hours open they can browse their pet’s symptoms at website. Please call Urban PetRx to learn more about our veterinary services today.

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