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Veneers As An Option With Your Cosmetic Dentist In Honolulu

In the past, dentistry focused primarily on root canals and cavities, with specialty dentistry primarily being looked at by orthodontists. But times have changed and now there is a new specialty in town known as Cosmetic Dentist Honolulu. This cosmetic dentistry is not an area that is formally recognized by the ADA, but it is basically understood to mean any form of dentistry improving one’s looks or purpose of a person’s teeth, gums or bite.

So, what can a patient have done in the office of a Cosmetic Dentist Honolulu? Well one procedure commonly performed is the addition of porcelain veneers. In the old days, people referred to them as caps, but they’ve become much more sophisticated today. These veneers are extremely thin shells custom made the same color of your teeth and bonded on top of your existing teeth to improve the overall look of your teeth. It then changes the look of the color, size and length of your teeth, depending on the look you are going for.

While crooked teeth are another disfigurement many patients want to see fixed, the field of orthodontics is a form of Personalized Dental Care involving the straightening of teeth requiring a specialized dental professional other than dentist. However, the procedure of putting veneers on teeth can be done by any Cosmetic Dentist Honolulu. Cosmetic Dentistry has found veneers fix a wide variety of problems. Patients often come into Honolulu offices asking for this procedure if their teeth have become stained because of coffee, past root canals, past tetracycline usage, or too much fluroride. Sometimes, the teeth have become too worn down or have a chip in them. They may be shaped unevenly or have craters or bulges that seem unsightly to the patient. But perhaps the most common reason for wanting veneers is when a patient has gaps between their teeth and they want to close the distance between them. The gum grafts, as they’re sometimes called, can solve the problem.

If you are tired of the look of gapped tooth or want a dazzling smile to light up your face, it’s time to see a cosmetic dentist about the issue. Call today to make an appointment about the options available, financing options and what to expect from the procedure.

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