Various Considerations When It’s Time for Replacement of Roofing in Bellevue WA

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Roofing

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Property owners should make sure that clear expectations are set forth in any contract for home improvement projects. That includes a contract for replacement of Roofing in Bellevue WA. The details of costs for the project and the time frame in which it will be completed are important to include for the property owner’s protection. Most local contractors are reputable and will have no problems providing this information in writing.

The Importance of a Warranty on Labor

Lengthy instructions and videos are available online with the intention of helping property owners do their own replacement of Roofing in Bellevue WA, but turning this into a do-it-yourself project is generally inadvisable. If anything goes wrong early on, the homeowners have no warranty on installation. They have to figure out what’s causing the problem and an effective way to fix it. Some men and women experience years of leaks, shingles blowing off in windstorms and other issues after turning roofing into a DIY endeavor.

The homeowners may assume that because shingles generally have at least a 20-year warranty, that any problems should be covered by that guarantee. However, this warranty does not cover labor. Virtually all roofing problems that happen early, outside of those caused by weather, result from errors during installation.

Preventing Accidents

Roofing also is a dangerous job. Experienced contractors, like those with North Creek Roofing, know the safety measures they must take. Homeowners and their friends are at much greater risk of tripping or slipping and falling off of the house. The roof surface is always uneven, and even more so when shingles are being torn off and replaced. Tripping over tools and piles of shingles is a distinct possibility.

Showing Courtesy to the Workers

Roofing contractors don’t expect a great deal of attention from the customers while the job is ongoing, but certain actions make their job easier. Keeping kids and pets away from the work site is important, as the roofers will worry about accidentally causing an injury by dropping an object. A worker may be nervous about a big dog loose in the yard. Common courtesy is much appreciated.

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