Variety of Design in Custom Boxes NJ

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Business

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of corrugated boxes; dull and brown cartons? Well that is the conventional look of corrugated boxes; however there are also a variety of custom boxes NJ made of the same material but are much more attractive and catchy. These custom boxes are made according to the client’s specifications and desired look. The boxes can be made to a variety of colours, shapes and print.

The use of custom boxes NJ can be quite beneficial to the client. This is because these boxes leave a permanent mark in the memory of the consumers. This is one of the situations where judging a book by its cover is actually allowed and you can choose to work in this principle in order to effectively catch the client’s eye. Designed custom boxes are also great for creating a company identity, especially in terms of the shape of the boxes. If you want to stand out as a manufacturer, you can use very specific shapes of boxes to market you products. Consumers do appreciate uniqueness in a product and you can work with this to your advantage.

Since first impressions are very important, you can choose from a variety of products and design in custom boxes NJ. The following are some of the variations in designs of custom boxes:

  • Corrugated sheets are available in various thicknesses and strengths. This provides such a wide range of use from the thin sheets that allow novel constructions and the thick sheets that are used to make shipping cartons. The design and construction of the box dictates the thickness of the sheet to be used in the creation of the box. These designs include software boxes, protective mailers, corrugated tote boxes, multi-media boxes and multi-depth book fold mailers among others.
  • The shape of the corrugated sheets can also be cut to the client’s desire. Round custom boxes, square boxes, triangular boxes and even custom shaped boxes can all be created using corrugated sheets.
  • Once the custom boxes NJ have been constructed, the next agenda of customisation is the decoration of the box. The decoration of the box depends greatly on the products and goods packaged by the client. There are various custom means of decorating the boxes including silk screening, flexo printing, film laminated litho labels, die cutting and any other special processes required.
  • Clients can also strike a chord among the environmentalists through the use of eco-friendly custom boxes which are made from recycled materials and printed with environmental awareness messages. Corrugated boxes can be made from recycled paper and chip boards. These products are environmentally friendly because they are bio degradable and quite easy to recycle and reuse.

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