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Using Organza Fabric In Wedding Decorations

Organza is a lovely, thin and sheer fabric that has been made for centuries. The original organza was actually made from very fine filaments of silk, but today it is typically made with synthetic types of fibers. The most common of these are polyester as well as nylon, and this makes the fabric very durable, easy to clean, and also much more economical than the authentic silk organza.

As a bride or anyone involved in wedding planning, you are very familiar with the use of organza, particularly in bridal gowns and veils. It is so sheer it is perfect to create the look of a light cloud, but it is also strong enough to hold its shape in developing tiers, ruffles, and ruched styles.

Chair Back Covers

For a reception, or at the ceremony, a great option to use organza fabric is for chair back covers. These provide a soft look to traditional types of chairs, particularly those with a higher back and details you want to show through the sheer fabric.

You can opt to choose an organza fabric color that matches the colors of the chair, providing that misty and romantic touch. It is also possible to choose a contrasting color of organza fabric or match the fabric color with the wedding party color scheme.

Draping and Netting

A very romantic look for a wedding reception is to use organza as a fabric to drape over the head table, as a backdrop to the wedding cake table, or as netting to create a tent-like effect to drape sections or all of the ceiling.

By using lights in front of the organza or behind it, you can give that look of diffused light that will be perfect for both the meal as well as later for people to sit and talk or enjoy the dance.

If you are using organza fabric as the draping material, it is possible to alternate colors or create a look of panels. This is very effective with the soft, pastel colors of the fabric and is perfect for any time or the year or for any wedding theme.

To add that little extra touch of detail, strips of organza matching the chair backs and the draping or netting can be used to tie the thank-you notes and the small gifts at the table for the guests. The same organza can also be used in centerpieces and to drape around any arches or background items used in the wedding photographs.

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