Using Boca Raton Pest Control To Eradicate Your Pest Problem Jul30


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Using Boca Raton Pest Control To Eradicate Your Pest Problem

Sometimes Boca Raton Pest Control can be a full time job. Pests invade the home and no matter what you do you can’t get rid of them. These things cover a variety of species including insects, rodents and even some neighborhood pets. Of course, the neighbor’s pet may be a little more difficult to deal with since you obviously don’t want them exterminated, but the others are a little easier situation given the right equipment and supplies.

However, easier is a relative term because some of these pests are extremely difficult to eradicate. Take for example, the termite. These extremely social insects live in colonies which can number in the millions. Like ants and other social insects, the termites divide their work amongst various members of specific groups and their primary purpose seems to be the care and feeding of their young. The main food of the termite colony is typically dead plant material such as wood pulp and leaf matter. It may be interesting to note that only ten percent of the more than four thousand estimated species are actually classified as pests. However, that ten percent can do a lot of economical damage to homes, buildings and various crops. Of the several castes in the termite colony, the worker caste is the one which forages for food and they are the one your Pest Control company in Boca Raton will likely find evidence of.

Other Boca Raton Pest Control candidates exists such as the common bed bug. These creatures were once the bane of civilization everywhere and in some places they still are but modern living practices, better bedding and powerful chemicals eliminated this pest for a very long time. Well, not completely eliminated as the insect still persists and often make an appearance in hotels, hostels and even your home. Bed bugs are a reddish brown, flat, oval insect about the size of an apple seed. They live on blood similar to other insects like the tick or flea and they don’t have to feed on a daily basis.

The only sure way to eliminate your pests is with a qualified Boca Raton Pest Control company that employs a proper pest control plan. Chemicals alone won’t do the trick. They may alleviate the problem for a while but the pests will return.


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