Using Animal Control In Reynoldsburg To Remove Gophers From A Property

When a homeowner has a garden in their backyard, they will want to take the needed steps in keeping gophers away from any vegetation that grows. The presence of holes in the property is a sign that gophers may be living underground. Here are some steps that can be taken to eliminate a gopher problem in its entirety.

Scare Away Gophers From The Area

Gophers tend to stay away from areas where they feel threatened. Loud sounds will make it likely they will vacate an area as they will think predators are nearby. Placing wind chimes near the garden or using a radio to emit loud music into a gopher hole during the daytime can help in getting gophers to move to another area. Placing shiny objects, colored glass, or a scarecrow in the garden can also be beneficial.

Use The Power Of Scent To Drive Away Pests

Gophers will stay away from areas where the smell of garlic or cayenne pepper is present. The homeowner can pulverize one of these vegetables and mix the juice with water to place in a spray bottle. The vegetables can be sprayed with this solution to aid in keeping them from being eaten. Cotton balls can also be dipped into the liquid and then thrown into holes to get gophers to leave their lairs.

Call A Professional To Relocate These Animals

A call to a service that does animal control in Reynoldsburg will ensure the gophers are removed without causing them harm in the process. The service will use gopher traps to collect the creatures and will relocate them to a new area when they are captured. This is a safe method in getting the creatures away from the garden without the use of pesticides to do the trick.

When there is a desire to contact a service that provides Animal control in Reynoldsburg, finding one with experience in a variety of creatures is best. Visit Your Ohio Wildlife Pro today to find out more about the processes this company uses to remove pests from a property. An appointment can then be made to do an evaluation to determine the right method in removing gophers.

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