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Using A Pet Grooming Center in Alexandria, VA To Remove Fleas

When a pet contracts a flea infestation, it becomes necessary to take steps to remove these pests for the pet’s health. Flea bites can cause infections and are quite distressing to a dog or cat if they are not eradicated properly. Here are some steps one can take in helping their pet to remove fleas for good.

Going to a Pet Grooming Center in Alexandria VA is one of the best ways fleas can be removed. A pet groomer will have all of the proper products needed to effectively kill the fleas. They will also take the steps in removing any carcasses afterwards so the pet’s coat will be clean and shiny. This is usually done with a flea-killing shampoo and conditioning process. After the medicated cleansers are applied and rinsed from the fur, the pet will enjoy being free of crawling and itchiness.

Once this procedure is administered, the pet owner will need to take the appropriate steps to make sure the fleas do not return. The first step in doing this is removing them from the home. All pet bedding should be washed using a high temperature to kill any larvae or eggs that may have been present on the material. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets will help remove any leftover fleas, eggs, and larvae as well. Make sure to place a flea collar or powder in the vacuum bag or canister when vacuuming so it kills any fleas it picks up. A flea bomb can also be used to remove stragglers.

It is important the pet has regular grooming treatments after the flea problem is eradicated. This will help keep the pet from having a problem with fleas that gets out of hand. The groomer will continue doing flea treatments during warmer months to help keep the pet healthy.

If someone is looking for a great Pet Grooming Center in Alexandria VA, they can look online for a reputable service in their area. Check out there for information on their grooming services. An appointment can then be made for the pet to receive a flea removal treatment if necessary. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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