Use the Amenities to Stay Social in Your Retirement Homes in Wilmington, NC

There are many people who are afraid of feeling isolated or lonely while living in retirement homes in Wilmington, NC. Truthfully, there are many community amenities that encourage seniors to socialize with their neighbors and friends.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

One way to meet your neighbors is to participate in one of the creative classes, such as drawing or painting in the artisan room. You can also meet neighbors who enjoy working with their hands by taking a woodworking shop class.

Participate in The Wellness Programs

You can also find a workout buddy by participating in the wellness programs. For example, you may meet new friends who enjoy line dancing, or you and your neighbor may decide to sign up for the same yoga class.

Plan a Relaxing Afternoon Together

Once you start making friends within the community, use the amenities as a way to spend time together. Schedule an appointment for the on-site salon, or try your hand at gardening. You can even plan an evening walk around the exterior with your friends.

Choose from Two Dining Options

With two on-site dining options, your group has the opportunity to dine out without even leaving the property. Keep it simple with sandwiches and beverages at the bistro, or you can get dressed up and enjoy the full service at the Magnolia Room.

Are you thinking of looking into retirement homes in Wilmington, NC? You may enjoy the social, active lifestyle at Porters Neck Village. Learn more about this senior community by checking out this website,

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