The Use of Expert Witnesses by a Trucking Accident Injury Attorney in Edwardsville, IL

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Lawyers

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Many TV dramas focusing on lawyers often portray scenes where an expert witness testifies in court. A trucking accident injury attorney in Edwardsville, IL may call on expert witnesses to support a client’s case against a truck driver or the company that employs the driver. Testimony from expert witnesses can maximize the dollar amount the injured person receives in a settlement or court award.

Understanding What Happened

Some have expertise in determining exactly what happened in a collision involving a commercial vehicle. A witness who knows how to reconstruct the scene may be called on to do that. A data expert can be called in to analyze information from the truck’s electronic control module that tracks driver log data. The vehicle’s computer can show how fast the truck was traveling, how many hours the driver had been on the road, and other pertinent information.

Verifying Disability

Other expert witnesses provide additional support for the person’s claim that the injuries resulted in a permanent disability. A neurologist, orthopedic specialist, and physical therapist are examples of healthcare practitioners who may be called on by a trucking accident injury attorney in Edwardsville, IL to testify. A vocational specialist can testify as to which kinds of jobs the accident victim may still be able to perform.


Of course, it’s important to understand that, if the case goes to trial, the trucking company will likely have its own expert witnesses in support of their case. The lawyer for the plaintiff, who is the injured person, must still convince the jury that the client deserves at least the minimum amount of financial compensation being requested. In this type of civil litigation, it’s the plaintiff and their attorney who must prove the case.

Accidents involving big rigs can be complicated when determining what happened and who was at fault. When the injuries are severe, the trucking company’s insurer may dispute disability because that means a substantially higher monetary payout. Anyone dealing with this kind of situation may need legal representation by an organization such as the Law Office of Keith Short. Contact us to get started.

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