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Use Ceramic Ball Bearings in Your RC Car

People who race remote or radio control cars know that speed is important when it comes to your car. While there are many different ideas floating around that racers claim will help to make a car go faster, one of the best ways to do so is to have the best bearings you can get. Many racers make sure that the only type of bearings used in their radio control cars are Ceramic Ball Bearings. There are many reasons that these are top choice for professional racers and that they should be your top choice too if you are planning on owning a radio control car.

The best reason that racers are giving is that ceramic ball bearings offer the least resistance of all the different bearings made to be used in remote control cars. Ceramic Ball Bearings tend to move a lot freer than other bearings meaning that they can do more for you as a racer. Another benefit to choosing these types of bearings is that they are lighter in weight which will be a great help when racing against other radio controlled cars.

As if those weren’t good enough reasons to choose ceramic ball bearings, consider the fact that they last much longer than bearings made from other types of material. So not only are they looser and lightweight, but they can also stand the test of time. Because of the type of material they are made with, they are less likely to get hot while in use, this means you can go even faster than before if you switch to ceramic.

If you haven’t already decided that these are the ball bearings for you, consider the following great reason that they are a top pick among professional RC drivers. One characteristic that drivers look for when choosing ball bearings for their cars is that the bearings will last as long as the car. When you choose ceramic, you are choosing a virtually shatterproof material to use in your RC car. Being ceramic is also beneficial because they can more easily hold their shape while being used over and over in your car.

One reason why some drivers might want to initially stay away from ceramic is the higher cost. While this is a factor to consider, you should understand that some times higher quality does cost a bit more. And while the initial investment can be more, you will save money in the long run when your competitors have to replace their worn out bearings made from another type of material and you are sitting pretty with bearings that are still working like new. The bonus being that you will have a RC car that is outperforming all of your competitors!

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