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USB Power Has Not Eliminated Need for External Power Supplies

Though many devices, most popularly mobile phones, are now utilizing USB technology for recharging, the need for external power supplies has not been eliminated. In fact, most cell phone distributors include both a USB cord and an external power supply adaptor with a new phone, understanding that there are times when consumers will need to simply power their phones from an ordinary wall jack rather than having to rely upon their computers.


External power supplies are still the norm for most portable electronics. In addition to cell phones, handheld games, portable music systems, speakers, electronic instruments, and even pumps for expressing breast milk all rely upon external power supplies. Manufacturers reap a huge advantage in such designs because it frees them from the obligation of having to incorporate a power source internal to the device and the accompanying safety concerns.


An external power supply also removes over-heating dangers from the devices themselves. If you have ever unplugged an external power supply from a wall outlet immediately after use, you understand this advantage. The heat generated with external power supplies would be contained within the actual device, rendering it virtually unusable if the power supply were internal. External power supplies remove the heat that could damage the device or make it too hot to be handled safely.


External power supplies also offer the advantage of electrical noise reduction. This is especially helpful when an electrically powered device deals with sound in any way. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer speakers, or a handheld video game, external power supplies remove AC line power, which is potentially laden with electrical noise, to a distance away from the circuitry of the device.


For the everyday user, perhaps the biggest advantage to external power supplies is the ease with which they can be replaced. Because any power source can be damaged by power spikes and the internal heat generated by the source itself, power supplies are more prone to failure than almost all other circuitry within a device. External power supplies can be replaced without having to purchase a whole new device. In addition, many external power supplies are interchangeable, so if a power supply for one device is lost or mislaid, the user can still utilize the device by operating from a different external power adaptor.


If you are in need of external power supplies, either to replace those that have been lost or to generate power for multiple devices, it is easy to find what you need via the Internet. In fact, some Internet power supply providers enable you to compare multiple power supplies and then purchase the desired one all in one location.


If you’re searching for external power supplies, CyPower provides the most efficient way for engineers and buyers to locate and purchase the specific power supply needed. No other website provides quick, easy access with the search tools and data available to today’s top manufacturers of power supplies. Research, compare, and purchase on one website. Call a CyPower sales rep at 800.477.0021, email sales@cypower.com or visit



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