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Upgrades to Electric Service in Indianapolis for an Older Mobile Home

A large number of older mobile homes are still being lived in as permanent residences or used as vacation properties. When someone buys one of these structures, this person may want to have electric service in Indianapolis completed for upgrades if that has never been done. Older manufactured homes usually have 100-amp power or even 50- or 60-amp power, but the standard for residential settings today is 200-amp.

Rewiring and Additional Upgrades

This type of upgrade for electric service in Indianapolis is commonly called rewiring but it doesn’t mean replacing every inch of electrical wire in the building. Instead, certain parts of the wiring are replaced and new circuits can be added. If the home still is powered through a fuse box, electricians will likely recommend converting to a circuit breaker panel.

Additional wiring, outlets and circuits allow for safer use of today’s electrical devices. Most homes have significantly more equipment than they did when these older mobile homes were built. Signs that there are problems with the wiring should not be ignored. Lights should not get dimmer when the refrigerator turns on, for example. Upgrades can be completed by a contractor such as Business¬†Name.

Low-Amp Problems

Trying to run today’s prevalent electronic equipment on a 100-amp power structure or less with an inadequate number of outlets is asking for trouble. This manufactured home was probably never intended to have a central air conditioner, a microwave oven, a convection oven, several TV sets, computers and all the other devices that put so much demand on residential electrical systems today.

Original Expectations for Electrical Usage

A mobile home manufactured in the 1970s likely would have included a gas oven and range along with a gas water heater. Electrical appliances would have included a refrigerator and clothes dryer, although the dryer might have been a gas model. The buyers would not have been expected to move any big energy hogs into the structure except, perhaps, for a dehumidifier. Today’s electrical load is generally much higher, even for people who try hard to conserve energy. It becomes easy to blow fuses and trip breakers without an upgrade.

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