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Unearth Common Reasons for a Wet Basement With a Baltimore Company

If you go downstairs to your basement and notice that the floor is wet or that there is moisture on the walls, you need to determine the source of moisture as soon as possible to prevent damage from occurring to the surfaces in the room. When contacting a company that can offer repairs to a wet basement in Baltimore, you need to alert the company about any odd sounds that you hear in the room or any evident leaks that you see. Here are a few common reasons why you might see moisture in your basement.

As soon as you notice water in your basement, you need to look for any interior water leaks that could be from the pipes in your walls or underneath the floor. Sometimes, the shower could leak inside the wall and then cause moisture to occur in the basement. Pipes could burst, or there could be a leak from the toilet.

When your home was built, care was likely taken to ensure that the ground was level and that the foundation was poured so that it was as flat as possible. Over time, the grading underneath your home can sometimes shift. This can create uneven areas that could result in moisture collecting under the basement or around the exterior of your basement, leading to water getting inside.

Humidity Levels
If there isn’t proper ventilation in your basement, then condensation can occur, especially when you’re using the dryer or if the heat is on in the winter. A company that can repair a wet basement in Baltimore can add vents to let air flow through the room to keep moisture from collecting on the walls and other surfaces.

Contact Armored Basement Waterproofing, LLC. for more details about why there could be moisture in your basement.

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