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Understanding Widespread Bathroom Faucets

When redesigning your bathroom, you have many things to consider.  One of the things on that list is the type of faucet you would like on your bathroom sink.  Maybe you didn’t even know you had as many options as you do.  Widespread bathroom faucets are popular for their easy installation and aesthetic appeal.  A widespread faucet is the type of faucet that has a spout in between two unconnected handles.  This is unlike a conventional set up in which the spout and handles are all connected to the same base.  Some choose this option because it can be installed on a variety of surfaces, while others simply like the way it looks.

Easy Installation
This type of faucet is easy to install on practically all kinds of fixtures.  Since the handles are not connected to the spout, the counter or sink must have three holes.  The rest of the installation is similar to a convention faucet.   The water supply connects to the handles and travels to the spout through a set of tubes.  These faucets are sometimes called 8 inch faucets because the handles are eight inches away from the spout.  Although this is the standard measurement, the design of the faucet means that most of them are completely customizable.

And It Looks Good Too!
Widespread bathroom faucets are perfect for curved sinks or countertops that a conventional base would not fit flush against.  There are many style, material, and color options to choose from, so the faucet will match any bathroom décor.  You also have the option of mounting the faucet to the counter instead of the sink.  The design can be minimalist, ornate, or anything in between.  Now that you know you have another option for your bathroom sink, check out this style the next time you remodel your bathroom or upgrade your faucet.

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