Understanding the Types of Damage Home Insurance in Murrieta CA Covers and Does Not Cover Sep19


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Understanding the Types of Damage Home Insurance in Murrieta CA Covers and Does Not Cover

Home Insurance in Murrieta CA is mainly intended to cover damage that occurs accidentally and that could not have been prevented. Common examples include damage resulting from storms and fire. The insurance may also cover damage that was caused intentionally by acts of vandalism. It generally does not cover the destructive effects of termites because insurers believe homeowners should be able to prevent this problem.

Termites in the Home

Termites hide behind walls and under floors, so they can cause a lot of destruction before anyone realizes that thousands of bugs have invaded the building. By the time the problem has become serious, someone in the home may have noticed a crack in a wood beam or realize that an area on the floor has become weak. Sometimes termite damage looks like unexplained water damage, with rippling or buckling. The household residents may have been wondering about an unpleasant odor; it’s coming from droppings these bugs leave behind.

Damage Considered Preventable

Companies providing Home Insurance in Murrieta CA do not cover damage they consider preventable. That’s why they pay after a windstorm blows part of the roof off, but they do not pay when an old roof starts to leak. The homeowners have the responsibility of replacing the roof when it becomes too worn to protect the home properly. They are supposed to keep an eye on the place.

Similarly, insurance may pay for water damage caused by a broken plumbing pipe, since people usually do not expect pipes to break. However, it does not pay for water damage caused by a leaking water heater. These leaks typically only happen with old appliances that the homeowners should have already been considering replacing.

The Insurance Company’s Point of View

Insurers believe homeowners should be able to identify the presence of termites long before the bugs cause thousands of dollars of damage. The coverage they provide is for sudden occurrences, not problems that gradually worsen over time. Insurers expect homeowners to watch for any possible sign of bug infestations, and to call a pest control service for an inspection. Anyone with questions about what home insurance covers and does not cover may contact an independent agency like Barranca Insurance Services Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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