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Understanding the specialties a tree service in Decatur can perform

The tree service offers specialties like vista pruning, restoration, pollarding and espalier, but what are those things? All these techniques can be performed by a professional tree service Decatur, a locally owned company.

Vista pruning is performed for two different reasons. The first is to clear away shrubbery that impedes a driver’s or pedestrians ability to see traffic or street signs along the road. The second and more common use of vista pruning is to improve the view on one’s property. There are two commonly used types of vista pruning, tree thinning and crown reduction. Tree thinning is used to maintain privacy and curb appeal by selectively removing branches to improve air flow and light penetration of the tree, while improving the overall health of the tree. Crown reduction is trimming the “crown” or top of a tree to improve the view from an elevated platform, whether it is a deck, patio, or house. This technique works best when the scenery to be viewed is at distance.

Restoration is slowly changing the shape of a plant through selective long term pruning. A younger tree can be shaped in as little as one year, while a mature plant could take several years of work to achieve the desired results.

Pollarding or polling trees is a very ancient technique, surviving from the middle ages. It is the selective shaping and forming of the structure of the tree. The process is started when the tree is young to reduce the overall growth of the tree. This is a very labor intensive process, as every year the tree must be trimmed to maintain the desired shape. Many cities poll trees to regulate their size, and in the spring after they are trimmed, the trees look like thick armed skeletons until their leaves start growing.

An apple tree grows in a horizontal line along a fence or the side of a building, heavy with fruit and in picking range. This is espalier, the art of training a tree into vertical and horizontal form, and it too has been around since ancient times. The tree is bent into the desired shape while it is young, and every year it is bent and pruned until it is shaped properly.

A tree service Decatur can come out and provide a free estimate about all types of pruning, not just the specialties listed in this article.

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