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Understanding the Process of Transgender Surgery, Male to Female

The first step most transwomen take on their journey to gender confirmation is hormone therapy and counseling. At some point, the process of transgender surgery, male to female, will need to occur. Here are the various procedures to help you understand them better and have confidence throughout your journey.

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery is usually the first procedure surgeons do. It can involve various procedures designed to contour your face exactly how you want it to appear.

Breast Augmentation

Going through breast augmentation is another part of the transgender surgery, male to female, process. A skilled surgeon can create breasts that match your desires to achieve a perfect appearance.

Body Feminization Surgery

Body feminization surgery is necessary if you want to obtain the traditional hourglass figure. Fat can be transferred from one body area to another, typically in the buttocks region.

Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender confirmation is the final type of transgender surgery you will likely undergo. It involves going through a penile inversion to transform male body parts into female parts. Working with a skilled and experienced surgeon is essential to achieve the best results.

When you’re ready to begin the transgender process from male to female, visit the International Center for Transgender Care website to see how they can help.

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