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Understanding the Political Trends of Media Outlets in the USA

If you have been wondering about news bias, there are resources that can help you determine if an article or company is conservative or liberal. Media is full of political and lifestyle tips that probably affect your life. With the help of artificial intelligence (A.I.), you can get some deep analysis of articles, media outlets, and politicians.

Article Ratings

With article rating platforms, you can learn about the source and get a link to the original article. The story can be rated anywhere from extremely liberal, moderate, extremely conservative, and all points in between. You can also learn whether the work is considered an opinion piece or breaking news.

Media Ratings

Whether you get your news from a local network, radio station, or a national feed, A.I. can give you the operation’s political bias. For example, 100 Percent Fed Up is based out of Georgia, and the owners are conservative. The site posts content that leans somewhat conservative. The A.I. rating shows you can’t always tell how far right- or left-leaning media stories actually are unless you take into consideration all of the stories. An algorithm is a perfect method to do that.

Politician Ratings

When you are trying to make political decisions, it is helpful to gather all the information you can. Through bias-tracking companies, you can find A.I. ratings on republicans and democrats from all branches of the government, including judges, senators, and house representatives. To discover more about news bias facts, ratings, and politicians, visit Biasly.com at https://www.biasly.com/.

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