Understanding the Difference between Trading Pins and Lapel Pins

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Marketing and Advertising

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Trading pins and lapel pins look very similar. They both have the same physical design and the same structure, so they are often mistaken for one another. A trading pin is solely a collector’s item. As you can guess by the name, they are meant to be traded between friends. Because they are a collector’s item, and serve no real purpose, they are generally made from cheaper materials. The surface area is often larger than lapel pins as well, to accommodate for the larger designs and images that are printed on the trading pins. The sizes for trading pins are usually between 1.5 inches and 2 inches, but they can range up to 4 inches for larger designs.

Customization and Accessories

When you are purchasing trading pins, you can also get accessories, to go along with the pins. Items such as ribbons and charms can be added to further personalize the items. Trading pins can also be used to signify a special event, or for sports teams. Many teams use them, because they are a way for both the team and fans to show support for each other. The great thing about trading pins is that they can be customized as little or as much as you want them to be. Lapel pins can be customized as well, but the options are more limited, since lapel pins are often smaller.

The Value of Trading Pins and Lapel Pins

Trading pins never go out of style, because new designs are introduced often to keep the fervor alive. Trading pin value depends on a few factors. If your pin is a limited edition, where only a small number have been put into circulation, then it will increase in value. If it incorporates special metals or features, then it will be worth more as well. New pins are always appearing on the market, and an avid collector will always make sure they purchase the latest and greatest pins that hit the market. Lapels pins aren’t worth much more than sentimental value, unless they are made with gemstones or precious metals that are worth a lot. If you are happy with your pins, then it doesn’t really matter what their monetary value is. Everyone loves great looking pins.


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