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Understanding Hair Loss In Women

Many women become concerned about the possibility of losing their hair when they start to notice their normally thick strands thinning out, or when they start to notice hair coming out by the handful. Fortunately, there are normal times in a woman’s life when she will lose more hair than normal. Each woman loses a significant amount of hair every day, and once it becomes noticeable, you may want to seek womens hair treatment in Scottsdale for hair replacement. After your skin and nails, your hair is the first place to show symptoms when the hormones in your body are imbalanced, you have poor nutrition, or you are sick. Sometimes paying attention to your hair can give you a hint of a larger problem.

In order to determine if you are losing an abnormal amount of hair everyday and may need to seek womens hair treatment in Scottsdale, try grasping about sixty hairs between your fingers and pulling gently, but also firmly enough to dislodge the hair. If you pull more than about fifteen hairs out of your head after this process, you may have a more serious problem going on with your body and your hair.

There are many causes of hair loss in women. Many women seek out salons for womens hair treatment in Scottsdale after significant hair loss from stress, change in birth control, thyroid disorders, chemotherapy, medications, and significant blood loss. You may also notice different levels of hair loss during different phases of your monthly cycle. Other women may notice a change in the thickness of their hair depending on the season. If you are currently dealing with a lot of physical or emotional stress, you likely don’t need to panic if you notice more hair loss than normal. Try adding a few more nutritious supplements to your diet to see if that helps lessen the daily hair loss you experience.

If you are concerned about more severe hair loss and want to get started on womens hair treatment as quickly as possible, visit your doctor and request specific tests that can determine if there is a more serious problem. Your doctor may opt to run a hormone panel, test your thyroid, or test you for specific allergies that may be contributing to your additional hair loss every day.

Many women rely on their hair for a big part of the confidence they have in their beauty. When the hair is lost, you may lose an integral part of your self-esteem. By better understanding the causes and symptoms of hair loss for women, you can combat the problem and feel good about your appearance.

If you have a serious problem with hair loss & hair thinning & need a professional hair treatment, visit Donte’s of New York for all your hair treatment.

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