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Understanding Gastric Bypass Surgery

Permanently losing weight is one of the most difficult things that a person can attempt to do. While millions of people will attempt to achieve this goal each year, only a very small percentage will achieve any significant success at weight loss and even fewer will manage to maintain that improvement for more than a few months. For some people, the problem becomes serious enough that it is worth considering surgical options. While Gastric Bypass has a far better success rate than other types of treatment, it is important to have an understanding of what is involved before pursuing it.

First, it is critically important to understand that this is a surgery that is both major and irreversible. Gastric Bypass gets its name because a surgeon will actually cut into a patient’s digestive system and then join it back together while leaving a section out. This literally bypasses a portion of the digestive system. At the same time, they also remove a large portion of the stomach, leaving only a small pouch. This leaves a person able to consume only very small amounts of food at a time, and also less capable of absorbing the calories in what is eaten.

Going through this type of surgery is a lifetime commitment, however. Once a Gastric Bypass has been performed, the digestive system is shortened forever. It is entirely possible to overeat enough to stretch the pouch and begin gaining weight again. However, due to the shortened digestive system, patients remain vulnerable to vitamin deficiencies and health problems like osteoporosis for the rest of their lives. It is important to commit to eating a well balanced diet and to taking whatever vitamins and other supplements are necessary to make up for whatever deficiencies might occur.

Whether you get Gastric Bypass Hartford or Gastric Bypass Fairfield County, it is a procedure that has genuinely been shown to produce lasting weight loss. It is simply important to understand exactly what is involved before you make a decision about whether this is the right course for you. Most patients are extremely happy with their results, but it is only suitable for those who have either already failed to lose weight in other ways or who are suffering from serious health problems that weight loss could improve.

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