Understanding Bail Bonds

Not everyone understands the need for bail bonds in El Reno OK, or how they work. Hopefully, most people will never need to. But it actually is important for every citizen to familiarize themselves with the process, just in case.

Most people understand that criminals go to jail, and that is the intent of the law. However, there is a point in the judicial process where innocent people are purposely sent to jail. This is the time between when a person is charged for a crime and has appeared in court to enter his plea, and the time of his trial. When a criminal is captured, he is innocent until proven guilty. But on the other hand, he isn’t released back into society where he could potentially cause more harm or disappear altogether. Of course, not every person who is arrested is actually guilty. However, regardless of whether a defendant actually committed a crime or not, he is legally innocent until his trial. This means that anyone arrested will go to jail as a legally innocent person, pending their trial. However, the flight risk they pose to actually attending their trial can be compensated with bail bonds in El Reno OK.

During the plea hearing, the judge decides what the risk will be if he lets the person go on their own recognizance pending trial. He will take into account the defendants past history, his character references, and the severity of the crime in question. He will determine a dollar amount that represents the risk associated with the defendant defaulting trial, or harming a member of society if he is released.

This dollar value is a representation of risk, just like any investment element, such as a stock or bond. The riskier the stock, the higher the associated returns or losses. Bail bonds in El Reno OK work in a similar way: the bail bondsman bets that the defendant will show up for his court date and that he will win his fee (a percentage of the bail), against the risk that he will lose and forfeit the entire bail. Banks and other traditional lending institutions do not want to take on this level of risk, so they don’t participate in bail investment. This is one reason why bail bonds are offered through specialized agencies designed for this type of monetary transaction exclusively. Another reason is that, as part of their focus, they provide release services along with providing the surety for bond funds. They will have a relationship with the legal system, and be able to grease the skids on all paperwork and procedures. Often, a bail bondsman will obtain his client’s release in a matter of hours.

Bail Bond Placerville – 2B Free Bail Bonds provides bail bonds services to customers throughout the El Reno OK. Their bail agents are trained professional bail bondsman, who are dedicated in helping people at their most vulnerable times.

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