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Types of Wire Rope Sling Products for Various Applications

Various types of wire rope sling products that are used for different types of applications are on the market today. These products can be utilized effectively to meet the demands of various industries, including mining, manufacturing oil and gas, and construction. An experienced, knowledgeable and skilled wire rope and sling company can provide you with an array of sling options and other rigging equipment and accessories to help you fulfill your lifting requirements.

Braided Rope Slings
The features of braided wire rope slings are different from those of single part slings. These braided rope sling versions are often employed due to the beneficial characteristics they possess, including flexibility, high load capacity, and lower D/d requirements. A seasoned supplier can provide you with four distinct braided sling configurations, including nine, eight, six, and three parts.

Single Part Slings
The single part sling is the most frequently used type of wire rope sling. You can find product lines that offer various options in this sling, including four-leg spreader, single leg, mechanical splice termination, and hand splice termination.

Stainless Steel Slings
For enhanced resistance to deterioration from weather elements, stainless steel wire rope slings are an option in place of the previously mentioned single part slings.

Socketed Rope Assemblies
Socketed assemblies consist of wire ropes having either poured (spelter) or pressed (swage) sockets on both ends of the assembly. A socketed rope assembly is frequently used in applications that require a permanently set location for the assembly.

Galvanized Cable Laid Slings
Having greater flexibility than standard wire ropes, galvanized cable laid slings are comprised of a wire rope that includes a twisted configuration of seven smaller ropes.

Before setting up a lifting arrangement or commencing with any type of lift, it is important that every aspect of the configuration comply with all applicable codes and standards. If proper compliance is not followed, potentially devastating consequences can occur for human life and property.

For more information about your options when it comes to wire rope sling and other lifting equipment, products, or accessories, contact an experienced wire rope and sling company today serving your area.

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