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Types of Home Windows in Arlington

When selecting the windows in your house, you need to know about the many different options available. There are a number of companies that offer different kinds of windows in Arlington, so it’s important that you visit their showroom to find out about the different kinds of home windows that you can buy. When it comes to selecting new windows for your property, it’s important that you choose a window design that not only complements the exterior of your property, but is also easy to maintain. Here are a few different types of home windows that you can choose from.

Double Hung Windows

One of the most common choices available to many people, the double hung windows have two sashes going up vertically within the frame. They can be opened either from the top or from the bottom, but the windows always remain within the frame. You can also install a high quality glass frame within the windows. One of the best companies that you can call is Business Name, which specializes in supplying top of the line window glass. They also sell different kinds of windows.

Casement Windows

Another option available to you is the casement window. Casement home windows in Arlington are commonly available from numerous companies. They have a crank installed within the mechanism that can be used to open the windows. All in all, these windows are pretty efficient and provide a greater field of view outdoors.

Awning Windows

With a hinge located on the top, the awning windows tend to open outwards, allowing air inside the house from the bottom, the left, or the right. They can be installed above or on either side of a stationary window, as well.

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