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Two Things You Should Expect After A DUI Accident In East Texas

Sitting in your car after having a few drinks with your friends, you take a deep breath and start the engine. While driving, you gradually become dizzy and sleepy. Looking at the road ahead, you are wondering why you are hearing honks from everyone that you pass on the highway. A few exits away from your neighborhood, you suddenly blackout and wake up on the side of the road while first-responders surround you and another vehicle. Here are two things to expect when this situation happens.


One thing you should expect after a DUI accident is that authorities will obtain your blood alcohol content as soon as possible. This means they are gathering evidence to use against you in court. Depending on how high your blood alcohol level is, you may face severe penalties such as fines, loss of driving privileges, and/or a lengthy jail sentence.


If the accident resulted in a fatality, then you will most likely be held in police custody. The length of time you will be held in custody will vary and often times you will not be eligible for bail.

What To Do

If you or someone you know is currently in this particular type of situation, then you may be searching for DUI defense lawyers in Tyler, TX. for help. Contact the Law Office of Holmes Moore Waldron & Parrish. They offer legal expertise to help you with your DUI charges. So, when looking for expert and effective DUI defense lawyers in Tyler, TX. they are the ones to contact.

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