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Two Things You Should Do After Being Injured In An Auto Accident In Georgia

Sometimes life takes you on a wild journey across the country. Thrilled and excited, you begin preparing for your long-distance drive from Georgia to Los Angeles. You have everything you need for the trip and are now finally backing out of your driveway to head to the gas station to fill up. Sitting at a stop sign, you patiently wait for your turn. As you do, another vehicle suddenly hits you, causing damage to your car and injuries to your head and neck. The other driver gets out and tells you that you are at fault. Here are two things you should do when a situation like this happens.

Stay Calm

As mentioned, you have sustained injuries because of the accident. One thing you should do is to stay calm and stay in your vehicle. The last thing you want to happen is to panic and end up injuring yourself further, which is also the reason why you should stay in your vehicle to wait for first responders to arrive.

Hire an Attorney

Another thing you should do is hire an attorney. The driver that hit you says that it was all your fault. You are left wondering how it could be your fault when you were just waiting for your turn at the stop sign. Hiring an attorney will ensure that a legal professional will be on your side to help you in these types of situations.

The Professional Experts in Georgia

Perhaps you are now in the hospital recovering from your injuries and are searching for automobile accident attorneys in Valdosta, GA. Contact the law offices of Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner LLC. They have the legal expertise to help you with your situation and are the go-to professionals to represent you when situations like these happen. So, when looking for highly knowledgeable and experienced automobile accident attorneys in Valdosta, GA. they are the ones to call.

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